The Doctors

Dr. James McNamara

Jim McNamara is a graduate of Ohio State University’s undergraduate and Dental School, earning his D.D.S. degree in 1975. He moved to Idaho in 1976 and established his solo practice in Rathdrum in 1977.

It was the first dental practice started in Rathdrum since Dr. Hollister had retired in 1942. Now, 30 years later, Jim enjoys the many relationships he has built in the area.

His interest and enthusiasm in the dental field has led to two of his three children becoming dentists also. Hiking, skiing, and outdoor recreation are his off- time pursuits and he and his wife, Jody, enjoy many activities together.

Dr. Nick McNamara

A graduate of Lakeland High School, Nick attended Carroll College in Helena Montana earning a Bachelor’s degree in biological science.

After receiving Idaho’s only dental related scholarship, Nick finished his dental education in 2004 from Creighton University and returned home to begin a practice with his father and mentor, James McNamara.