About Us

We make you visible on the web!

We can do a lot for your professional visibility!  We can get your business found in local searches on mobile devices. Why is this important? Because today, 60% of internet usage happens on mobile devices, and 77% of smartphone users research products on their device. We can help you create a mobile page just like this one you are viewing right now!

We specialize in online list building and video marketing; the best ways to get your potential clients to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you faster than any other method! What's more, if you have happy customers, we can create video testimonials for your business.

Web Video is the popular advertising tool and it is perfect for local businesses. In fact, for the first time in business history, local businesses have an advantage over large corporations when using video advertising on the internet. Why? Because  small businesses do not have complicated approval processes, and it is a lot easier to get on the first page of search engines when you use local keywords like "Olympia family medicine" or "divorce attorney Seattle WA".

You do NOT need a website to take advantage of video marketing! When you use our services, your advertising campaign will generate local leads and measurable results.