Scanned Media

Who We Are!

Scanned Media provides you with a trackable marketing tool you need to bring together your entire online presence. Our customized interactive mobile platform and QR codes easily give current and potential customers a single point of entry to your web site, Facebook page, Twitter account, downloadable digital business card, and so much more.

QR codes are one of the fastest-growing trends in marketing, but until now, users scanning a code with their smartphones were limited to taking ONE action (visiting one site, reading one document, etc.). Scanned Media has taken this technology to a whole new level. We make physical-to-digital easy by creating a single code that gives users access to all of your accounts spread all over the web. All can be found using this one easy trackable, interactive mobile tool.

Hit your targeted audience by adding a Scanned Media platform and QR code to any print advertising and give potential customers the opportunity to instantly interact with you and your brand.

What Are QR Codes?

QR (Quick Response) codes are one of the hottest marketing ideas to come out of the digital age. They are basically a cool-looking 2D matrix bar code that can store all kinds of information about your business. Customers and potential clients scan these codes with their smartphones to access the data you want them to have.

And, are they ever popular. Between January of 2011 and January of 2012, scanning of these codes increased by 1,200%, and that number is still growing. We're in the heart of the information age, and consumers can't get enough. Many companies use their QR codes to share specials, take users to their web site, and more.

57% of Facebook and Twitter users said they scanned a mobile QR code at least once in the past year

What Scanned Media Does Differently (or, as we like to say, BETTER)

Scanned Media clients benefit from the power of QR codes unlike other businesses because of the information we include. Typical QR codes limit users to only a single action. When a customer scans a Scanned Media code, however, they get is immediate, one-touch access to all of your social media accounts. Rather than typing in your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, your web site URL, your email address, etc., your QR code gives them instant access to all of these accounts and more in one easy-to-use package.

  • Connect to your business web site
  • Link to a file online
  • Like you on Facebook
  • Follow you on Twitter
  • View your YouTube videos
  • Store your digital business card

All of these actions can be taken in seconds using a free QR reader app found on nearly all smartphones.